Hi. I've got a strange issue here and I really need help before commit suicide.

I have 4 asus WL-500W APs/routers all configured to work only as Aps.

I've got 1 as WDS and two as Hibrid. In the bridge Aps to connect list in each AP I have the others APs mac.

So, AP1 is the WDs has the mac of AP2 and AP3
Ap2, as the mac of Ap1 and AP3
Ap3 as the mac of AP1 and AP2.

And it's working ok. the problem is when I add the AP4 also as hybrid.

In AP1;2;3 I add the mac of AP4 and in AP4 I add the macs of the other 3, but after I reboot the AP4 to join the other all APs stop working.


Please somebody help me.