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    Question ofdm vs dsss


    can any one tell differences b/w dsss and ofdm or useful links relating this topic.

    Hasan Ahmed Fiaz

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    DSSS is Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. This is the spectrum that 802.11b and G reside in.

    OFDM is Orthoginal Frequency Division Multiplexing. This is a modulation scheme for G in regards to speeds reaching 54Mbps...

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    A little more detail for the non-technical.

    DSSS is a way to make the radio spread the radio waves around. If you do the usual radio thing, concentrate a lot of energy in a narrow band, you get radio waves that go a long ways and interfere with each other. Spread them around a little, they get along better. So more users can crowd into a smaller area.

    OFDM - A modulation scheme, as noted earlier. The signal that travels down a wire is not optimized for traveling on a radio wave. Radio signals need to change constantly to carry information. You have to convert the signal on the ethernet cable into something that can work in a radio environment. OFDM lets you put a lot of changes into a little time. So you get higher data rates.

    There won't be an OFDM for dummies book. You have to understand many things and know some serious math to get it.




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    (for 802.11b) DSSS using 11-bit Barker Code to spread the 1 bit data. The chipping rate is 11 Mbps.The code used is:10110111000 (usually, 0 is replaced by -1).
    (for 802.11g) OFDM is a modulation scheme, which has 52 subcarriers for data and pilot and another 12 subcarriers for DC. It is much more complex compared with DSSS.

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