Wireless packet loss/ drop
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Thread: Wireless packet loss/ drop

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    Wireless packet loss/ drop

    Ok, I am in a house with a router, switch, and a wireless access point. My wireless connection tends to drop packets in the evenings. Late at night, or sometimes early afternoon nothing is dropped. The reason I say packet loss is that I am playing a game that has loss/choke displayed, and I see the loss spiking. So I am not getting a good connection. Connected to my computer is a Linksys 54Mbps wireless PCI card, with a 5dBi antenna. I am less than 30 feet from the access point. I am baffled as to why the problem is occurring.

    I have tried connecting the Cable modem directly to the access point and still encountered the same problem. I therefore think that the problem is in the WAP, but want to see what other people thought. Any help would be appreciated, as I am considering buying a new access point to try and fix it.

    Also there is another computer in the room with the WAP, that is connected to the switch via a cable and it works fine.

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    It could be due to increased usage/polution of the frequency band at those times. I assume your using a 2.4GHz system as they are most common. Microwave ovens, cordless phones, and other devices all use and emit signals in these frequencies. Late at night and early in the morning there are less people yaking on their phones, nuking food, and using thier wifi equipment, which may be why you get better signals because the noise floor may drop at these times.

    If your really serious about gaming, a wired connection is the best way to go.

    Conn Clark

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