Whole house network with Moca coax and wireless access points?
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Thread: Whole house network with Moca coax and wireless access points?

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    Whole house network with Moca coax and wireless access points?

    I have a large house with Verizon Fios installed. Verizon has installed an Actiontec M1424WR Moca wireless router. My house is wired with coax. The wireless signal that comes from the Actiontec does not cover my entire house. I would like to extend both my wired and wireless network throughout my house using Netgears MCAB1001 Ethernet to coax Bridges utilizing the coax wiring in my house.

    I understand how to use the Moca bridges to extend my wired network to various areas of my house.... My question for this forum is:

    Once I have wired network connections at various points in my house..via the Netgear Moca bridges.... How do I create one single whole house wireless network that is the same wireless network that is transmitted from the Fios-Actontec

    Do I connect individual wireless access points Or individual wireless routers to each of the Netgear Moca bridges.... How do I get each of these devices to transmit the same contiguous wireless network throughout the house?

    Hope that this is a question that warrants the help of the Guru.

    or individual wireless routers to each of the Netgear Moca bridges...

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    Before buying the moca's I would contact netgear and verify how many mac address's can connect through the bridge. Or how many devices if you put a switch ?
    If they only support 1 device per bridge ( I hope not) you won't get far.

    If they support several.
    In a room where a bridge terminates , if you need to cat5 wire a device or 2 and have wireless access get another wireless router. Use an Access point if you only want wireless in that area.

    Don't go crazy with 4 or 5 new wireless routers or AP's . Get 1 set it up with an ssid and 2 or more channels away from the current router and test it's signal from the various locations you want to have wireless.
    Having too many will hurt the performance of the rest. Each added AP /router needs channel separation of 2 --3 is better channels.

    Assuming your current router's IP address is you want to configure the DHCP server on it to hand out address's starting at to .1.200 is plenty for now.
    This leaves all the IP's from too .1.99 open as they will never be served to a device requesting one.
    Now If the moca's and for and new routers/ AP's give each devices a STATIC IP address or it's main IP address from this pool below 99 and above 1. Each device get a different IP , BUT! the DNS and Gateway will always be the address of the main router. ( Assuming again)
    For the new wireless some set the same ssid to all the routers/ap's . I avoid this as some devices have a hard time keeping the connection or switching between them as you move from room too room. Normally I use different ssids and for sure different channels. Use the same security and pass phrase if you use the same SSID .

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