turning a Dlink 524 into an Access point
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Thread: turning a Dlink 524 into an Access point

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    Question turning a Dlink 524 into an Access point

    I have an old router , it's a Dlink 524 and I live in an R.V. Park that has free wifi , I would like to use the router as an access point to use it with x-box live...I have been reading all about this and can't get it to work, I turned off DCHP, set the ip address above range, but within range...can't connect and it then turns to limited or no connectivity , like I said been reading many how to's but none of them were for this router, and I can't get this working....I finally broke down and posting this for some help...Thanks in advance...


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    I don't think that model supports firmware like ddwrt that would allow it to function as an AP in client mode.
    If your using it in AP mode one thing I need to know is what are you plugging it into. and using witch plug a lan or the wan connector?

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    I think you have the terminology wrong. If you want your XBox to connect to a wireless AP you need a "Gaming Adapter" aka "Bridge".

    An AP or "Access point" is the point everyone connects to for access. Think of it as a wireless hub.

    A bridge/client mode or a wifi card is what everyone uses to get to that AP.

    Yes, there are some AP's that can run Bridge or client mode but the 524 cant do it, I have one.

    There are many that can do it but one device that is pretty cool is the DLINK DSM-G600, this is a Network Storage hard drive that can stream video and images to DirecTV, it also has WiFi and can be either an AP or a Client bridge.

    Would be very cool for what you are trying to do. (yes, you can share files over the wifi with it!)

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