Splash page on wireless access?
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Thread: Splash page on wireless access?

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    Splash page on wireless access?

    Hi all,

    Is there a way I can configure a wireless access point to redirect any clients connecting to it to a web page?

    I want a welcome splash page for guests accessing the network in a small hotel. I don't want a server, I can't use a hardware based device either as a standalone device or as software running on an 'always on' PC in series before the AP. The easiest way to do it is just to have a page hidden on the hotel website to point browsers to on connect, rather than a local page somehow.

    If there's a simple way, great. It may not be doable but maybe someone knows it is.


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    depends on the router. if you can load third party firmware, google COOVA

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    yeah it would help to now what kind of router your using. I believe this is called a landing page. If you can install dd-wrt then you can also check out coovachilli, formerly known as chillispot.

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    The Coova firmware is great. It allows you to use an inexpensive Linksys router and redirect customers to a landing page of your choosing. You can also set up a password login to restrict internet access to only authorized guests.

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    Get a dd-wrt router..for e100


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